How can I check my ears for ear wax?

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Excessive or impacted ear wax may cause problems including a feeling of fullness in the ear, pain and even hearing loss as sound waves are blocked. This type of hearing loss is known as a conductive hearing loss. In children, clogged ears are often due to smaller ear canals rather than an excessive production of ear wax.

While excessive ear wax may occasionally need to be treated by an Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) doctor, or Otolaryngologist, there are several things parents can try at home to help diagnose and treat the problem. Excessive ear wax can sometimes be seen by looking closely at the ear canal with a flashlight. A better view can be often be achieved with one of the portable otoscopes for parents, or even one of the newer otoscope attachments designed for the iPhone, such as the device. The accompanying FREE APP takes pictures and video from the ear canal that can then be shared with a child’s pediatrician or ENT doctor if needed.

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